Born in Timisoara, Romania, Cristian Plesh grew up watching movies such as “Highlander” and “Mad Max 2.” According to his parents, he refused to eat unless the VCR played one of these two movies. While growing up it was never his intention to become a filmmaker, even though he maintained a movie obsessive nature.

In 2010, he graduated from Romania’s premier film school U.N.A.T.C. after four years of study. Plesh then left Romania in search of new experiences, starting with Asia, and aimed to find a place to call home, that is to say a place where he is able to continue his passion – making movies.

Goals. Idols. Role Models.

His goal is to work on feature lengths that have a significant impact on viewers:

  • Like Christopher Nolan, he wants to blend philosophical aspects with thriller to push the viewer into asking questions and engaging in discussions about what they have just seen.
  • Like Tarantino, he wants to pay homage to the universe of cinema and do movies for the love of doing movies..
  • He also wants to do B Horror movies strictly for mainstream entertainment – where viewers escape their daily lives, experience “cheap thrills”, and come out laughing with their mates at just how ridiculous and unbelievable the movie was, yet funny and cool.
  • He also wants to do emotional dramas – like Lost in Translation that resonates with viewers who feel alienated in their lives because the characters go through exactly what they do and finally experience the escapism when it ends on a hopeful note. Because everyone needs hope in their lives.

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